Smart Liquidity Management
Genius Yield's Smart Liquidity Management feature will allow users to streamline their asset allocation and investment goals. It is a tool that allows users access critical information descriptively. Smart Liquidity Management will enable users to make quick decisions based on data-driven insights with advanced visualization techniques.
The information help users to select appropriate parameters. Based on these parameters, the Genius Yield algorithm defines the allocation path of the users’ assets and ensures that the investment goals are met with the least possible risk factor.
Genius Yield automatically builds a user's liquidity pool (LP) tokens from a base deposit asset such as ADA. In case of a withdraw from an LP vault, Genius Yield also supports withdrawing back into a base asset with a limit sell order. This avoids the hassle of manually adding and removing liquidity at a yield farm or keeping track of different yields farms.
Exit strategy
Genius Yield also supports withdrawing back into a base asset with a limit sell.
How it works
Genius Yield will apply complex algorithm designed by industry experts. It uses advanced data analysis and optimization techniques to automatically select the most LP at a certain point in time, providing the best possible APY to users.
Genius Yield checks and preselects all safe pools (to avoid rug pull)
1 - Deposit your asset into Genius Liquidity Pool in ADA or other Cardano Native Token.
2 - Select your liquidity pools, expected return, max fees, risk profile, exit strategy, TVL.
3 - Select several liquidity pools (1 to 10).
4 - Algorithms automate your liquidity staking and optimize the most profitable yield.
5 - Generates the best possible profits.
Security is of paramount importance. The access to the application will be protected by two-factor authentication with password and Google authentication/SMS.
1. Superior Capital Efficiency
a. Automated liquidity allocation (concentrated liquidity)
b. Portfolio yield farming
2. Balanced Risk/Reward Exposure
a. Managing exposure to market volatility given user target returns
b. Manage portfolio allocation and bet sizing
c. Optimize investment yield growth of equity curve
1. Powerful ML/AI Backtesting Framework
a. Machine Learning driven strategy development
b. Yield farming and algorithmic trading strategies
2. Live Shadow Model Monitoring
a. Market impact analysis
b. Alpha decay and slippage
c. Strategy deprecation
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