Problems & Solutions
The current DeFi world is too complex. Genius aims to simplify it for the masses. With Genius Yield anyone can reap the benefits of the DeFi world.
Furthermore, security has been a significant concern for DeFi protocols. Centralized ecosystems such as Binance are unable to ensure security for digital assets. Attacks like flash loans and oracle manipulation have become common in such ecosystems because they have a centralized architecture and not-so-advanced language for the development of smart contracts.
Cardano, on the other hand, offers a more scalable solution with enhanced security. It has its own unique smart contract language that was specifically developed to facilitate the next generation of DeFi applications and thus makes Cardano the third generation of Blockchain.
Most DEX on DeFi are based on the Automated Market Maker (AMM) model.
    Users earn only a tiny percentage of the total amount of funds.
    Manual searches for more exciting rewards when providing liquidity is cumbersome.
    Switching to more profitable liquidity pools is time-consuming.
    Manual access on all DeFi staking protocols.
    Swap and deposit collaterals.
    Exit when the yield is not attractive anymore.
Genius Yield's Solutions
    Genius Yield is based on Uniswap V3 protocol (Concentrated Liquidity, Flexible Fees, Non-Fungible Liquidity, Range Order )
    Automates liquidity staking.
    Selects and invests in the most appropriate protocols for staking.
    Monitors and generates the best possible profits.
Users can manage all their liquidity staking in a single place with an advanced UI.
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