User Interface & Technologies
User Interface:
Screen size: The screens will be optimized for 1280 × 1024 resolution. More precisely, the width will never exceed 1280 × 1024; for the height, if necessary, use of vertical scrollbars are enabled.
Vertical scrolling: When scrolling vertically, all the elements of the page participate in the scrolling, including the top banner and the menu, because there will be not a frame.
Form: An input form is accessible in 3 modes of use: Creation mode, Consultation mode (the fields are read-only) Edit mode (values can be modified).
Identifying mandatory fields: The user must recognize the required fields in an input form. The distinction is made by adding a red sign "*" at the end of the field label. Multi-criteria search screens/results list display. The criteria of the search screens are displayed at the top of the result list. The columns are sortable. The result list is paginated.
Deleting data: A confirmation request precedes any deletion of data in the database.
Presentation of errors: All errors are detected in one pass and presented to the user intelligibly and not in computer jargon/error code. Error messages are shown in red.
Stack Technologies:
Java: Java 11 (min 1.8 )
Node.js: lts 64-bit version :
Client Side technology:
REACT (React Router, Redux, TypeScript ): ,
Server Side technology Spring Framework:
Spring Security (JWT or Session):
JSON Web Token:
Thymeleaf: (pour template email)
Apache Spark 3.0 (JAVA API):
Deep Java Library:
Deep Learning 4 J:
Blockchain Technology
Cardano Blockchain:
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