Aggregator driven Multi-Protocol
Future of DeFi
DeFi is a booming and has gained remarkable traction. But, for DeFi to grow further, it needs to support the needs of ordinary people, not just tech-savvy ones. Genius Yield aims to meet the needs of both types of users by creating an application that is easy to use for ordinary people and by allowing users to generate the highest possible yield in the simplest manner.
The future of DeFi is aggregator driven and Genius Yield is at the forefront of this future. Genius Yield, being a multi-protocol aggregator, embraces a broader market for users. Rather than giving a choice between the protocols, Genius Yield lets users choose their desired yield output by removing the limitations of the protocol. The advanced algorithms of Genius Yield automatically allocate the assets in multiple liquidity pools in the Cardano ecosystem by using several techniques.
The Genius Yield Aggregator will be launched on the Cardano Blockchain and thus creating the next generation of DeFi. Leveraging Cardano's scalable and secured blockchain, the Genius Yield algorithm automatically increases the intensity of interactions. It allows seamless transactions shifting from one protocol to another, constantly improving the APY.
The future of Genius Yield includes support for multiple prominent protocols in the Cardano ecosystem.
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