Why Genius Yield ?
For the world of DeFi experiencing divergence in yields, Genius Yield has introduced the possibility of optimizing the users’ APY and enhancing the efficiency of asset allocation in the decentralized digital ecosystem.
In essence, Genius yield is a tool that can be used with multiple exchanges to gain the best possible profit from yield farming. Having complex, well-defined algorithms at its core, Genius yield allows its users to automate their yields without the need for detailed analysis and manual executions. The manual process is replaced by algorithmic execution based on specific characteristics such as transaction cost, demand and supply, liquidity, and more.
Genius Yield is capable of efficiently handling the drastic changes in the supply of the liquidity pools and protecting the users' assets. It safeguards the users against the highly volatile market by adjusting the asset allocation according to the current yield.
Last modified 1mo ago
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