Genius Features
Genius Yield's DEX protocol will include these features:
    Development with Plutus on Cardano blockchain
    SWAP Cardano Native Token - Cardano Native Token Pools
    SWAP ADA -Cardano Native Token Pools
    Concentrated Liquidity
    Smart Liquidity management
    Non-Fungible Liquidity
    Gouvernance & voting
    Voting & Gouvernance
Genius Yield's Smart Liquidity Management will be an enterprise web application with a database and complex algorithm that help users choose a liquidity pool and optimize their rewards.
The web application will include the following functions:
    Changelly fiat exchange
    Yield dashboard
    Aggregator driven multi-protocol
    Gouvernance & voting interface
    Proposal creation interface
Advanced data analysis techniques complement Genius Yield's algorithms. Leveraging these features, Genius Yield helps traders in making informed decisions without the need for any manual work.
Genius Yields offers an advanced portfolio manager with a simple and elegant user interface. Any user can deposit his funds quickly on the Genius Yield platform and then view the status of the deposits at any time. The interface offers an at-a-glance view of the user’s portfolio with graphs and pie charts along with several other powerful data visualization techniques.
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