Development Roadmap

Genius Yield's Roadmap is subject to change.

Phase 1

  • DEX Fee redistribution — A key utility of Genius Yield’s utility token is the ability to receive 20% of fees generated by the DEX. By staking GENS, stakers will receive a portion of DEX fees proportionate to the amount they staked. A unique feature of the Genius Yield DEX is that since many different tokens trade on the DEX, GENS stakers can claim fees generated by trades with these tokens. GENS stakers benefit from this utility as the volume on the DEX grows. To stake, check, or and claim rewards, go to and connect the wallet that is currently staking GENS.- Complete

  • Accelerated Yield — Trading on Genius Yield’s DEX is rewarded with GENS for a limited time. GENS stakers are eligible for a second tier of rewards, potentially accelerating their yield even more. highly-anticipated feature and one of the GENS token’s main utilities. Rewards can also be claimed at The dashboard also shows rewards collected in the Accelerated Yield program.- Complete

  • Market Orders Multi-Fills — Large single orders can be matched and filled by multiple orders based on the most efficient price available on the DEX.- In progress

  • Audit — As we value security, we are getting our smart contracts audited for the second time. In progress

Phase 2

  • DEX UI and UX improvements — As we receive feedback from the community, we will implement updates to improve DEX’s UI and UX, enhancing Genius Yield’s DEX user experience. In progress

  • Bug Bounty Program Launch — A final security stress test of the Genius Yield platform. In progress

  • Marker Maker Bots framework — This feature will give liquidity providers flexibility in employing different trading strategies when managing their funds. In progress

  • Updated Staking Options — More staking options for GENS stakers.

  • DAO integration — GENS holders will be eligible to vote on proposals that influence future features and development of the Genius Yield platform. In progress

Phase 3:

  • Smart Swaps — An advanced order types that allow for flexibility and modularity, with the potential to provide sophisticated trading functionalities.

  • DEX smart contract open-sourcing — Continuing with transparency, we plan to open-source the smart contracts of the DEX.

Phase 4:

  • AI-Powered Smart Liquidity Vaults (SLVs) testnet — AI-powered algorithmic strategies that will leverage Genius Yield’s Market Maker Bots and Smart Swaps features. SLVs will automate users’ yield optimization strategies and unlock the additional opportunity to earn passive rewards!

  • AI-Powered Smart Liquidity Vaults (SLVs) mainnet.

Phase 5:

  • Leaderboard and custom Smart Liquidity Vaults strategy sharing — Details to be provided at a later stage.

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