Bonus Reward Program

Bonus criteria and extra rewards

Without our amazing community Genius Yield would not be where it is today. This is why we want to reward our biggest fans and members of the community that believed in us since the beginning!

On top of regular ISPO rewards, delegators can get additional rewards by qualifying for our Bonus Reward Program. Based on how long and how much you delegate you can win a significant amount of Bonus GENS and receive one or even two limited-edition Genius NFT! This ISPO NFTs will have the unique utility to unlock the GENS staking reward program for vested GENS.

Bonus Reward Program

The Bonus Reward Program adds an extra 1,000,000 GENS to ISPO rewards!

This 1M extra GENS reward will be shared between all participants eligible for bonus rewards. The amount of rewards is governed by the weighting factor, which ensures that top categories receive proportionally higher rewards than lower categories. For example a 3x reward will always be 3 times larger than a 1x reward. It does NOT mean it triples your ISPO GENS rewards. Your bonus reward is not related to how much GENS you accumulated, but instead on how many people qualified in the Bonus Reward Program and which weighting factor you got. See equation and example below for more details.

Below are the criteria and rewards for each prize.

CategoriesCriteriaGENS Weighting FactorGenius NFT Prize

Delegate 28+ epochs (500 ADA minimum)


Diamond Hands NFT

Delegate 24+ epochs (500 ADA minimum)



Delegate 19+ epochs (500 ADA minimum)



Delegate 50,000+ ADA (minimum 19 epochs)



Delegate 25,000+ ADA (minimum 19 epochs)


Degen NFT

Delegate 10,000+ ADA (minimum 19 epochs)


Shark NFT

A 500 ADA minimum is applied to the first three categories to discourage people from creating many wallets in order to game the Bonus Reward mechanism.

Epochs don't have to be consecutive (only total number of epochs matters).

If you qualify for both a staking duration category (Diamond Hands, HODLer, FOMO) and a delegation amount category (Ape, Degen, Shark), you'll get both NFTs. However, your bonus multiplier will only be applied once and the higher GENS multiplier will be picked.

Changing GENS pool won't affect negatively your rewards. As long as you use the same wallet address your delegation stats will be tracked across GENS pools.

Concrete Example

Let's say the ISPO ends with these numbers of winners in each categories:

CategoriesNumber of Qualifiers (example)Bonus GENS Allocation Per Qualifier







The equation governing the bonus allocation is as follows:

\text{1x Qualifier Reward} = \frac{\text{1,000,000 GENS}}{\text{# of 1x qualifiers } + (2 \times \text{# of 2x qualifiers}) + (3 \times \text{# of 3x qualifiers})}

Therefore, these should be the bonus amounts available in each category

1x Qualifier Reward=1,000,000 GENS200+(2×100)+(3×50)=1,818.2 GENS\text{1x Qualifier Reward} = \frac{\text{1,000,000 GENS}}{200+(2 \times 100)+(3 \times 50)} = \text{1,818.2 GENS}

2x Qualifier Reward=2×1,818.2 GENS=3,636.3 GENS\text{2x Qualifier Reward} = 2 \times \text{1,818.2 GENS} = \text{3,636.3 GENS}

3x Qualifier Reward=3×1,818.2 GENS=5,454.6 GENS\text{3x Qualifier Reward} = 3 \times \text{1,818.2 GENS} = \text{5,454.6 GENS}

You can check that all rewards add back up to 1 Million GENS

(1818.2×200)+(3636.3×100)+(5454.6×50)=1,000,000 GENS(1818.2 \times 200) + (3636.3 \times 100) + (5454.6 \times 50) = \text{1,000,000 GENS}

The categories have been designed such that anyone can participate and get a Bonus Reward!

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