Technical Updates

In this section, we will be providing tech updates, following the progress of our DEX as it moves through the different stages of development, starting with the testnet.

Thank you for your continued interest and support!


April 3rd, 2024

Trading Bot Infrastructure, Quantitative Analysis and Algorithmic Trading:

✅Finalized the first beta version of the Trading Bot API.

✅ Implemented the Trading Bot API with the Market Maker Bot backend by reusing the DEX Contacts API.

✅ Market Maker Bot: Added support for retrieving price information from the TapTools API.

Frontend Clients, User Experience and Websites:

✅ The "below market price" feature has been updated to accommodate this change by now displaying "below" when selling ADA and "above" when buying ADA.

✅ Added USDM to the DEX Frontend.

✅ Update outdated application fee tooltip text & style.

✅ Updated and improved the token inputs dropdowns of the DEX Frontend Client.

✅ Changed the DEX Frontend Client to always display prices in ADA in the Order Card.

✅ Implemented improvements for the fiat valuation calculation for the Best Available Order feature.

✅ Added release notes support to the DEX Frontend (feature release: soon).

Backend Systems, Databases and On-Chain Data Indexing:

✅ Implemented GENS and GENSX Circulating Supply endpoints.

✅ Bug-fix: “no orders found“ when user is disconnected.

✅ Bug-fix: rounding error for total fill amount of market orders.

✅ Added support for the new v2 MILK token.

✅ Internal and public testing of the newly developed multi-fill feature.

Core, Blockchain Engineering and Smart Contracts:

✅ Added support for multiple versions of the DEX smart contracts.

✅ Preparation for open-sourcing the DEX smart contracts.

✅ Update Core to be using the latest Atlas release.

✅ Atlas: added a new feature to support adding metadata messages.

✅ Security updates, minor improvements and bug fixes.

Infrastructure and Build Systems:

✅ Deployed the USDM Market Maker Bot.

✅ Upgraded the CI System machines images to the most recent release of the distribution form 2024/Q1.

✅ Upgraded Infrastructure-as-Code tooling to the the most recent versions, including IaC tools and plugins.

✅ Housekeeping and further polishing the infrastructure and automation around the GENS1 pool.

✅ Further improved resiliency and automatic failure recovery of the backend system

IT Security, Auditing and Code Analysis:

✅ Further improved security of accessing different internal systems.

✅ Removed cyber-squatting website, protecting our customers from malicious intent.

✅ Review of penetration test procedures and reports.

March 2nd, 2024

Trading Bot Infrastructure, Quantitative Analysis, and Algorithmic Trading:

✅ Initial Trading Bot API specification available in the public MMB repository, which in the future will enable integration of user made trading strategies.

✅ Review of the Open API Specification of the Bot API.

✅ Implementation of the Bot API on the MMB side has been started and this is going to enable to implement trading strategies in any programming language, like Python or Typescript, thanks to the programming language agnostic API.

✅ Published version 0.2.1 of the Market Maker Bots with several significant updates (changelog).

✅ Registered several proposals for the CARDANO BUIDLER FEST #1, including topics like operating Smart Order Routers, algorithmic trading on the Genius Yield DEX and blockchain event streaming.

✅ Created a step-by-step tutorial for spinning up an MMB instance on AWS.

✅ Supported dozens of MMB operators in spinning up their own Genius Yield Market Maker Bots with their custom configuration for various token pairs.

✅ Conducted research around open source, publicly available quantitative analysis tooling.

Frontend Clients, User Experience and Websites:

✅ Added trading pairs like FLDT, FREN and DRIP.

✅ Added support for persisting wallet connection (automatically re-connect wallet)

✅ Implemented Yield Farming Rewards UI & API integrations

✅ Security updates, minor bug-fixes, addressing of different kinds of code-smells detected via static code analysis.

✅ Launched two subpages: Market Maker Bots and Smart Order Routers.

✅ Made progress on an AI chatbot for supporting Market Maker Bot operators in spinning up their own MMB instances

✅ UI/UX Prototyping: below and above market price labels and quick select buttons.

✅ Various improvements of the DEX Frontend Client for our dApp.

Backend Systems, Databases and On-Chain Data Indexing:

✅ Backend support for DEX fee sharing.

✅ DEX: Design and implement the first version of configurable multi-fill support with pluggable optimization strategies.

✅ Exploring the problem space and possible alternative solutions, like using off-the-shelve optimization tools like "HiGHS - high performance software for linear optimization", approximation algorithms and efficiency of naïve implementations.

✅ Multi-fill support with optimized and efficient order selection (work in progress).

Core, Blockchain Engineering and Smart Contracts:

✅ Accelerated Yield Event and DEX fee sharing implementation.

✅ Optimized rewards claiming.

✅ Added support for cancelling orders in batch for MMBs.

✅ Minor bug fixes.

✅ Various updates to the build process (CICD).

✅ Internal Tooling: Implemented DEX analysis toolchain to analyze different DEX metrics.

✅ Various improvements to the MMB.

✅ Multi-fill support on the core side.

✅ Various improvements to the transaction building server such as improved error handling and error messages.

IT Security, Auditing and Code Analysis:

✅ Detailed planning and preparation of the future incentivized bug bounty program.

✅ Preparation for the open-sourcing of the smart-contracts.

✅ Requesting the removal of the cybersquatting domain (protection of our users).

✅ Security hardening of several subsystems, updates, security patching and further hardening of the production systems and the Genius Yield Cloud infrastructure (due to the nature of this topic, we cannot disclose further information).

November 24th, 2023

Testnet update

We've been busy during the Alpha testnet and wanted to cover some of the items we've been focusing on. Testing is ongoing but we are confident we will move to a public testnet very soon. Changes made include:

✅ Changes in the smart contract and fee structure which allows up to sync with DEX aggregators and remain flexible in the future

✅ Line chart functionality

✅ Order book redesign based on Alpha testers feedback

✅ Adding more tokens for a more robust testing environment

✅ Started optimizing our market making bots, which will be open-sourced at launch, making it easy to place liquidity on Genius Yield's DEX

November 7th, 2023

Testnet update

We've been diligently working during the Alpha testnet and wanted to cover some of the items we've been focusing on. It is important to note that changing the fee structure meant optimizing and modifying both the smart contract and the UI, resulting in some delays.

Changes made include:

✅ Removal of minimum fill amount and fill fee.

✅ The requirement for the market maker to pay the fill fees for the market taker has been eliminated, easing SOR requirements. Fill fees are now paid by the order taker, eliminating the need for a minimum fill limit. Orders can now be filled for arbitrary amounts. Additionally, the partial fill limit has been removed from the advanced settings and is no longer enforced by the order book direct fill or the best available when finding the best available order for the given amount.

✅ Bug fixes for 'Best Available' slippage.

✅ A bug that previously misapplied slippage conditions when finding the best available order has been fixed. Orders should now correctly adhere to slippage tolerances.

✅ Sorting and filtering for Order tables (explore and my order).

✅ Controls for table sorting and filtering have been added to the order list tables on the Explore and Swap pages.

✅ Order book enhancements.

✅ The order book now supports both sell and buy actions for a specific token.

✅ Various minor performance enhancements have been implemented in the client.

September 29th, 2023

Web Team

✅Multiple UI Improvements

✅Implemented market order functionality

✅Implemented best available order selection

✅Improved DEX performance and speed

✅Addressed several bugs

Haskell Team

✅Improved SOR functionality

✅Prepared for SORs to be open sourced

✅Addressed Edge cases

September 8th, 2023

Web Team

✅ DEX integration: frontend integrations of partial limit order and time limit orders

✅ DEX fees: frontend fees calculation and support of USD token value conversion

✅ General improvements: order event handling refactored, partial fill logic update, extend projections.

Haskell Team

✅ SOR Optimization: improved performance & matching for multiple token pairs

✅ DEX integration: tested matched fills, direct fills, time limit orders and failed events

✅ DEX contract: used ref script and move Order NFT to Ref input

✅ General updates: upgrade Cardano node, PSM & GHC update, improved privnet testing

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