Technical Updates

In this section, we will be providing tech updates, following the progress of our DEX as it moves through the different stages of development, starting with the testnet.
Thank you for your continued interest and support!


September 8th, 2023

Web Team
✅ DEX integration: frontend integrations of partial limit order and time limit orders
✅ DEX fees: frontend fees calculation and support of USD token value conversion
✅ General improvements: order event handling refactored, partial fill logic update, extend projections.
Haskell Team
✅ SOR Optimization: improved performance & matching for multiple token pairs
✅ DEX integration: tested matched fills, direct fills, time limit orders and failed events
✅ DEX contract: used ref script and move Order NFT to Ref input
✅ General updates: upgrade Cardano node, PSM & GHC update, improved privnet testing

September 29th, 2023

Web Team
✅Multiple UI Improvements
✅Implemented market order functionality
✅Implemented best available order selection
✅Improved DEX performance and speed
✅Addressed several bugs

Haskell Team

✅Improved SOR functionality
✅Prepared for SORs to be open sourced
✅Addressed Edge cases
November 7th, 2023
Testnet update
We've been diligently working during the Alpha testnet and wanted to cover some of the items we've been focusing on. It is important to note that changing the fee structure meant optimizing and modifying both the smart contract and the UI, resulting in some delays.
Changes made include:
✅ Removal of minimum fill amount and fill fee.
✅ The requirement for the market maker to pay the fill fees for the market taker has been eliminated, easing SOR requirements. Fill fees are now paid by the order taker, eliminating the need for a minimum fill limit. Orders can now be filled for arbitrary amounts. Additionally, the partial fill limit has been removed from the advanced settings and is no longer enforced by the order book direct fill or the best available when finding the best available order for the given amount.
✅ Bug fixes for 'Best Available' slippage.
✅ A bug that previously misapplied slippage conditions when finding the best available order has been fixed. Orders should now correctly adhere to slippage tolerances.
✅ Sorting and filtering for Order tables (explore and my order).
✅ Controls for table sorting and filtering have been added to the order list tables on the Explore and Swap pages.
✅ Order book enhancements.
✅ The order book now supports both sell and buy actions for a specific token.
✅ Various minor performance enhancements have been implemented in the client.
November 24th, 2023
Testnet update
We've been busy during the Alpha testnet and wanted to cover some of the items we've been focusing on. Testing is ongoing but we are confident we will move to a public testnet very soon. Changes made include:
✅ Changes in the smart contract and fee structure which allows up to sync with DEX aggregators and remain flexible in the future
✅ Line chart functionality
✅ Order book redesign based on Alpha testers feedback
✅ Adding more tokens for a more robust testing environment
✅ Started optimizing our market making bots, which will be open-sourced at launch, making it easy to place liquidity on Genius Yield's DEX