Platform Features

Making DeFi easy to use for everyone

Smart Swaps

Smart Swaps are buy or sell orders that automatically execute based on some programmable logic. Smart swap allows for incredible flexibility and modularity with the potential to provide sophisticated trading functionalities found in traditional exchanges (Limit Orders) and more like Dynamic Orders and Algorithmic Orders.

Concentrated Liquidity

Concentrated liquidity permits Liquidity Providers (LPs) to allocate their capital at selected price ranges (Uniswap V3). This unlocks tremendous capital efficiency gains for LPs who can manually adjust their exposure based on their trading strategies. As a result, market makers can earn more rewards with less capital investment and incur less impermanent loss.

Smart Liquidity Vault

Genius Yield has developed an AI-powered Smart Liquidity Management protocol. It is a DeFi yield optimization solution that algorithmically automates trading strategies to maximize users’ APYs while minimizing risk exposure.


The auto-compound feature automatically reinvests any profits generated by the Smart Liquidity Vault providing users with even higher returns without having to exit your position. Just sit back and let your liquidity work for you.

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