Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to GENS4 pool?

GENS4 will stop accumulating GENS tokens on February 13th and the pool will be retired on February 18th, 2022. Note: it will still show up on wallets, because it can't be completely de-registered.

Where should GENS4 delegators move their stake to?

Delegators should switch their delegations to GENS1, GENS2, or GENS3, unless they are saturated.

Did GENS4 pool stop allocating GENS tokens to delegators?

No, GENS4 delegators continued to accumulate GENS tokens even after the pool stopped creating blocks. However, GENS rewards will stop on February 13th, 2022.

Were the other GENS pools affected by the GENS4 key issue?

No, all other GENS pools have been reliable and performing well.

Will GENS4 delegators be compensated for the inconvenience for changing pools?

Yes! 200,000 GENS tokens will be allocated and shared proportionally across all GENS4 delegators that switch to another GENS pools and maintain their stake until the end of the ISPO:10th May, 2022.

How will GENS4 delegators qualify for the 200,000 GENS reward?

All wallets delegating to GENS4 at the time of the public announcement on Feb 3rd, qualify for the bonus reward if they switch to another GENS pool by Feb 13th 2022 and maintain their stake until the end of the ISPO.

When will the compensated GENS tokens be transferred?

Compensated GENS tokens will be added to a delegator’s total GENS allocation and airdropped based on the ISPO vesting schedule.

How will the compensated GENS token calculate for each delegator?

200,000 GENS will be divided proportionally across GENS4 delegators that switch to another GENS pool by Feb 13th.

When will I receive my GENS rewards?

50% airdropped January 1st, 2023

50% airdropped June 1st 2023

What if a GENS pool gets saturated?

If a pool gets saturated you can’t delegate more ADA to it. You won’t earn any GENS rewards. As of now, pool saturation is at 68.4 million ADA.

How will GENS rewards be calculated?

The rewards will be both proportional to the amount delegated and the duration of the delegation. In other words, the more ADA you delegate and the longer you delegate the more you will earn GENS tokens.

What is the difference between the 100% and 50% GENS pool?

By delegating to the 100% pool, you will accumulate twice as many GENS tokens compared to the 50% pool. In the 50% pool you are only giving away 50% of your ADA staking reward and therefore accumulate only half of the possible GENS per epoch.

The last snapshot will be at the start of epoch 338.

Did the bonus rewards eligibility change?

No, the original epoch requirements apply. For example, you still need 28+ epochs with 500 ADA or more to qualify for the Diamond Hands NFT.

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