Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my GENS rewards?

50% airdropped January 1st, 2023
50% airdropped June 1st 2023

What if a GENS pool gets saturated?

Genius Yield will create new pools as needed to handle saturation. As of now, pool saturation is at 64 million ADA.

How will GENS rewards be calculated?

The rewards will be both proportional to the amount delegated and the duration of the delegation. In other words, the more ADA you delegate and the longer you delegate the more you will earn GENS tokens.

What is the difference between the 100% and 50% GENS pool?

By delegating to the 100% pool, you will accumulate twice as many GENS tokens compared to the 50% pool. In the 50% pool you are only giving away 50% of your ADA staking reward and therefore accumulate only half of the possible GENS per epoch.
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