Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO)

What is an ISPO and how does it work?

What is an ISPO?

An ISPO is a new fundraising mechanism that allows delegators of a POS (Proof-of-Stake) network to divert staking rewards towards a project of their choice and get project tokens in return. It is an unique mechanism that allows the community to support their favorite project without investing their own assets, but instead leveraging the network's native reward incentive structure. ISPOs are only possible on the Cardano blockchain because of its unique stake pool delegation structure.

An ISPO is a revolutionary new fundraising mechanism that is more fair, inclusive, secure. They fundamentally transform how crypto projects are funded in the future.

Genius Yield's ISPO

Genius Yield is a Cardano-first project, meaning its entire product line has been specifically designed and built to leverage the best of Cardano's unique functionalities, such as its eUTXO architecture and delegation model. Our ISPO is no exception.

Below are some basic ISPO stats.

ISPO Basics

Genius Yield's protocol token isGENS

Win-Win Benefits for everyone

Benefits for participants

  • Get early access to protocol tokens before the product launch

  • Get rewarded GENS token without spending ADA (unlike an IDO)

  • See your favorite Cardano project get funded by "voting" with your delegation

  • Get extra GENS and win limited-edition Genius NFTs from the Bonus Reward Program (Genius Yield specific)

Benefit for Genius Yield

  • Raise fund for project development (engineering, R&D, marketing, legal)

  • Fair public distribution of GENS tokens

  • Promotes decentralization of GENS ownership

  • Engage with the Cardano community and foster project excitement

Benefits for the Cardano network

  • Staking helps secure the blockchain

  • Increase number of stake pools promotes network decentralization

Fair Public Token Distribution

GENS rewards are computed given four criteria:

  1. How much did you delegate at each epoch?

  2. How long did you delegate for (number of epochs)?

  3. Do you qualify for Bonus Rewards (see GENS Bonus Program)?

  4. What type of pools did you delegate to (50% pools will earn you half the rewards)?

For more details see How GENS Rewards are Calculated

GENS Reward Airdrop

GENS tokens will be airdropped to delegator's wallet after the ISPO completes.

50% airdropped January 1st, 2023

50% airdropped June 1st, 2023


We are excited to combine forces with MAESTRO for this ISPO. Their team of experienced engineers will deploy and operate Genius Yield's stake pools and keep the ISPO running smoothly. We are grateful for this collaboration!

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