Genius Yield Academy
Genius Yield Academy is a place where everyone is given the right set of information to learn and understand the world of DeFi. DeFi concepts like an automated market maker, liquidity pool, curving bonds, and oracles may be overwhelming for many people, which is why DeFi is unable to reach mass adoption.
Genius Yield does not only intend to make DeFi easy but also to make DeFi understandable for everyone. Therefore, at Genius Yield's Academy, visions of thought leaders, blockchain experts, and the Genius Yield team are available to users to help them understand the true wonders of DeFi.
Furthermore, the Academy is segregated into different sections based on languages, level of users such as newbies, and advanced trading videos that can be useful for expert traders. This segmentation allows a more friendly environment customized to the needs of the user.
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