How GENS Rewards are Calculated
What can an ISPO participant expect in terms of rewards.
Genius Yield uses a simple and intuitive reward structures, meant to be fair an easily understood by everyone. Participants that delegate early and for many epochs will maximize their GENS rewards.
On top of regular ISPO rewards, delegators can get additional rewards by qualifying for our Bonus Reward Program and get a significant GENS bonus and win a limited-edition Genius NFT!

How many GENS tokens are rewarded per epoch?

1 ADA Staked=0.0025 GENS rewards per epoch\text{1 ADA Staked} = \text{0.0025 GENS rewards per epoch}
For every ADA staked 0.0025 GENS will be rewarded per epoch.
ISPO rewards = 10 Million GENS (10% of total supply)
The conversion has been derived based GENS's relative small fix total supply of 100 Million and with an average expected ISPO demand of 2-3 stake pools.

What if 10 Million GENS are allocated before the end of the ISPO?

If the ISPO is an overwhelming success the team will decide to either end it early or extend it with additional token if possible.

What if the 10 Million GENS are not reached by the end of the ISPO?

The remaining GENS will be sent to the DAO treasury and used for governance, ecosystem incentives and reward programs.
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