Genius Yield Smart Contract
Genius Yield Smart Contract will be developed on Cardano, with Plutus programming language.
Genius Yield is a decentralized protocol built on Cardano for swapping Cardano native tokens without buyers and sellers for demand creation. Instead, the demand is set automatically by applying an equation and the value of assets are balanced accordingly based on need.
Here let us look at the key features:
Equation instead of Order Books: The price of assets, the trade of tokens, token swapping, etc. are calculated based on the equation, and there is no presence of an order book or any central authority.
The Constant Product Market Maker Model uses a unique pricing mechanism termed Constant Product Market Maker, which is similar to the Automated Market Maker model.
Liquidity Pools: Genius Yield allows for the swapping of tokens without primarily relying on buyers or sellers to create liquidity.
Each token has one exchange contract. Thus, price determination and trades are executed automatically in the Genius Yield protocol.
Token Swapping: Genius Yield is planning to offer over 200 trading pairs by 2022 on its platform for seamless token swapping and trading.
We will have 2 set of modules:
Factory Contract: Factory Contract is used for the LP token creation. It will create an LP token for every pair of the swap.
Routing Contract: The Routing Contract is the one called by the user to interact with the factory contract.
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